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Repair Parts

Please send make, model and part needed, I will send you a price quote by return email. I stock over 100 machines for parts harvesting. I can order other parts as needed. If it is not a "dealer only" part I can usually get it for you.

Parts for the Featherweight
Needles $3.49 per
5 pack
¼ inch Quilting Foot (spring type) $19.99
Bobbins ¢ 50 each Walking Foot $29.95
Original Vintage Bobbin Cases $75.00 Buttonholders $25.00
New Bobbin Case $49.95 Original Singer Zipper Foot $12.95
Bulbs $1.50 Rufflers $10.00
Belts $8.99 Replacement Feet $8.00 a set
Original Controlers $35.00 Darning Foot $9.95
Replacement Cords $14.50 Exact Copy Manuals $15.00
Feed Cover Plate for Embroidery/Darning $11.99 Needle Plate with Seam Lines $39.95
Replacement Light Sockets $19.95 Reproduction Carrying Case $69.95
Spool Pin Springs & Felt $1.99 Replacement leather handle for case $21.95
Tune up Kits-including:oil, lube, 6 bobbins, brush, bulb, belt spool pin felt & spring, 4 rubber feet, screwdrivers, and instructions $28.95